Malt has been a traditional and natural part of baking and brewing across the world for centuries. It is believed that early Egyptians manufactured malt by lowering it into an open well in a wicker basket. After steeping it was raised above the water level for germination. The next development in the process was in European countries where artificial means of controlling temperature and humidity were developed. The production of malt grew in line with these technological developments and as with many industries it was the development of steam power that allowed extensive production


In general usage malt is understood to be germinated grain, usually barley, used in brewing and distilling

Malt Extract

Malt extract is a blend of starch breakdown products containing mainly maltose (malt sugar), prepared from barley or wheat

Malt Flour and Flakes

The careful milling and flaking of the plain and roasted malt grains gives unique flavours/colours and textures that can be used in a number of food based applications giving value added benefits to the product range

Ten reasons to use malt products in foods

  1. Range of malted grain products that retain the health benefits of Whole Grains
  2. Range of baking essential with natural enzyme content giving better dough performance
  3. Natural sweetener with natural vitamins & minerals
  4. A brewing fundamental with excellent fermentability
  5. Low fat nutrition
  6. Premium product association with malted ingredients
  7. Retained product moisture, Lengthening shelf-life
  8. Flavour provider, enhancer, masker, modifier
  9. Colouring foodstuffs with great bitter and roasted cereal aromas
  10. A versatile and natural food ingredient