The European Malt Products Manufacturers Association (EMMA) was formed in 1975 to gather together manufacturers of malt products food ingredients to promote and further the interests of this part of the food ingredient industry. In this way EMMA shall promote the interests of the trade, to watch all public proceedings, litigation or other proposals, which may affect the trade, to secure to members the advantages of co-operation and unity of action and to afford a means for the protection of the trade in any circumstances which may arise and which may affect its interests, including entering into contracts on behalf of members to achieve the aforesaid objects.

EMMA meets regularly twice each year usually during exhibitions pertinent to this food sector to discuss technical and legal issues that are having, or may affect Members' future interests in Europe.

For more information on EMMA membership please contact:

Dr David Whitmore

General Secretary


Ty Celyn





email: hartwellfood@yahoo.co.uk

Competition Law

Attendees at meetings sign a form confirming that they will abide by the Assiciation Competition Law Compliance that states 'Without prejudice to the need to comply with the competition law policy statements generally, given the UK has criminalised dishonest cartel activity, in particular members should in no circumstances reach any agreement whatsoever relating to price fixing (or exchange of pricing information), market sharing, territorial divisions of the market or customer sharing with another member of EMMA at any time'.